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Msbte Sample Question Paper for sem II for I scheme all branches

MSBTE Sample Question Paper for sem II for  I scheme all branches

Msbte Sample Question Paper for the II semester subjects of the I-scheme have been updated by MSBTE. I Scheme is effective from the 2017-18. Whenever the scheme changes the MSBTE provides the msbte sample question papers for the reference of teachers and student to know the structure and marking of question papers. Msbte Sample question paper provides the Question paper format which is very essential for preparing the exams. It gives idea about the weightage of each chapter in the question paper. Sample question paper also provides the idea about how much theory question and how many problems will be asked in the final exam. Msbte does not provides the solution to the sample question paper. So the students have to solve themselves the sample quetion paper and then get it checked by the respective teachers.

                Sample questions from the paper also appear directly in the final exams, or they appear with different values. So solving the sample paper makes it easy for the students to have a mock exam before facing the actual exam. Further students can solve the similar questions like that appeared in the sample paper. This makes them more perfect in particular type of problems. Experts teachers suggest that student should first throughly study the subject and finally solve the sample paper with time constrains. Students should not start their study from the sample paper, but use it later when they finish their study. It is not bindking that the question from sample paper should appear in the main exam. Sample paper is just for the guidence on how the final question paper will be. So students should not only rely on the sample paper, rather they should study the subject throughly from recommended text books and then check their performance against sample.

A snapshot of msbte sample question paper is given below.

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msbte sample question paper



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