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Machine design is a very core subject of the mechanical engineering, it deals with the design aspect of the various machine components. Generally it is introduced in the third year of the degree engineering course and in three steps it continues to the final semester. It is generally divided as Machine design-i, Machine design -II and Machine design III or Mechanical system design.

      Machine design-I deals with the basic chapters like Introduction to desing and then design of basic components like knuckle joint, turn buckle,cotter joint, power screws, Belts, shafts and couplings etc. Machine design -II deals with the design of components subjected to fluctuating stresses, Bearings and mainly design of Gears. The mechanical system design is concerned with System approach in design it involves design of Brakes, Clutches,Optimum design principles, IC engine components, Design of machine tool gear box etc..

               As far the books are considered following review may help you.

1. Machine design by V.B. Bhandari :  The topmost quality book on machine design written for Indian universities in my opinion is this. It is so beautifully written with all required coverage and gives the exact depth required for the Undergraduate students. It has wide range of solved problems with gradully increasing level of toughness. It also has the vast exercise for practice with answers. It is almost error and typo free book and detailed study gives student the confidence that is required to face the exams. Most universities pick the solved problems from this book as the problems for question papers. The book is a bit tougher for self-study but it is managable when u get habitual with the style of the book..

2. Machine design by R.S.Khurmi : The spoon feeding book of machine design. It deals with every topic in details but there are no custom and shortcut formulas which make the life easy like in Bhandari Book. The book has good coverage of theory material. As well lot of solved and unsolved problems make it easy to get the requred drill in subject.

3. Machine design by U.C.Jindal : The book is very much well organised as far the numerical problems are concerned. It has excellent selection of more than 300 solved problems that examine the numerical applications of the concepts. Anothe important feature i liked in this book is that it has lot of practical applications listing the real life uses of key machine elements. It also give online resources which contains the solution manuals and power points for classroom presentations..

        There are wide variety of books available for the subject, reference books as well as text books for particular university are available above.